Poco Marlins

Parent Code of Conduct:


As a parent of a member of the Poco Marlins these are the expectations we have of you.


This is to provide you with a positive working relationship with coaches and other team members. Failure to adhere to these codes of conduct may lead to suspension or dismissal from the club.


Parental Role: Set the right example for our swimmers by showing respect and common courtesies at all times to all team members, coaches, other club competitors, officials and parents 


  • Encourage good sportsmanship and teamwork during all practices, competitions and team functions. 

  • Encourage and support your child by attending and being on time for practices and appropriate competitions

  • Encourage and support your child to come to practice prepared with correct swimming gear (suit, googles, water bottle) and dry land gear (exercise clothes, runners etc.)

Absences & coaching staff respect: Coaches should be notified if a swimmer is going to be absent.  Recognize that the Marlin coaches are professionals and allow them to coach your child without parental interference during workouts and meets (it is not appropriate to be on the deck during practices or communicating with your child during a practice, the swimmer should be focused on their coach).


If you would like to touch base with a coach please arrange to talk before or after a practice. Swim meets are not an appropriate time to address any concerns.


If you have any further concerns, address them with the appropriate coach in private at an appropriate time and in a professional manner.


General Info:

Your child will be challenged in workouts and swim meets to do their best. We expect parents to support this. Regularly check the club emails and sign up on time for meets, events and volunteering needs. 


  • Sit in designated viewing areas at swim meets and practices (not in coaches area)

  • Parents are responsible for their swimmers before practice time and after practice time.

  • Parents are responsible for their swimmers during breaks at all swim meets.

  • Parents with children 10 years and under are required to be at the pool while there child is swimming (If you cannot be there, please arrange for another adult to be).

  • The coach will coach the swimmers but the parent will be responsible for their swimmers between races at all swim meets.